Real and Intellectual property

At our law Firm, we appreciate how important it is to our Clients to protect and advance their interests in the businesses and the technology that has been created and or improved on, in their businesses.

As such, we make it our duty to ensure that copyrights, trade marks, patents and franchises of our clients are protected from infringement. We do this by both registration of these intellectual properties in the headquarters of the relevant regulatory authorities and by instituting court actions, if need be.
In addition, we understand that companies and individuals are constantly in need of land or properties, either for office space, to carry out the objects of their businesses or for investment purposes. Therefore, we ensure that we investigate on such land or property, before the transaction is concluded, in a bid to protect our clients’ interests.
We have been particularly involved in the following:

• Acting as an advocate to a world class and pioneer “pay-television” Nigerian company, in prosecuting an appeal against a multibillion Naira Judgment awarded against it, as damages for copyright infringements.

• Advising and comprehensive review of franchise agreements for a leading indigenous electronics and mobile phone company.

• Acting as an advocate for a leading distributor of mobile telephones, accessories and computers in Nigeria, in claiming damages for the infringement of its logo, trade mark and brand, at a time when the said infringement and passing-off were misleading Nigerians.

• Acting as advocate for a leading indigenous electronics and mobile phone company, on the infringement of its trade marks in Nigeria.

• Acting as an agent to a leading manufacturer of armoured and bulletproof vehicles in registering a substantial number of its trade marks in Nigeria.

• Acting as an advocate for a foremost local subsidiary multimedia company, in a suit involving a colossal amount of money, to protect it against a claim for an alleged infringement of copyrights.

• Preparing, filing, processing for both local and foreign clients, applications for the registration of trade marks, designs, copyrights and patents.

• Maintaining, surveying and protecting trade marks from infringement or passing-off.

• Filing and prosecuting suits and opposition notices for the protection and enforcement of trademarks and designs; and restraining their infringement and or passing off.

• Preparing and negotiating franchises, licences and assignments of intellectual property rights; and processing assignment of intellectual property rights.

• Reviewing locally and preparing international exclusive distributor agreements and franchise agreements.

• Advising on and procuring technology transfers and their registration.

• Negotiation of sales, purchases and assignments, development leases or agreements and management of real estate.

• Conducting due diligence for and advising local and foreign clients intending to invest in real property.

• Preparation, registration and stamping of deeds of assignments, leases, subleases, and mortgages of landed properties and procurement of Governor’s consents and certificates of occupancy.

• Litigation in trial and appellate courts on:
1. titles to lands
2. damages for trespass
3. administration of Estates and succession to Estates of deceased persons
4. recovery of possession
5. arrears of rents and mesne profits;
in respect of landed properties.

Real & Intellectual Property Team