Dispute Resolution

(Litigation, Arbitration & Mediation)

Lawyers in this area have extensive experience in civil law, criminal law and fundamental human right infringements, in the hierarchy of courts in Nigeria; and work under the guidance of the Principal Partner of the Firm, who is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria with over 33 years of post-call in practice.

We also ensure that litigation is not always the first step we take, when there is a dispute. This is because we appreciate that litigation can be time-consuming and the costs of and delays in litigation may not be the best for a commercial business, where money is being lost per day during the litigation process.

As such, our lawyers have been trained in alternative methods of dispute resolution including arbitration and mediation, have been appointed as Arbitrators in various disputes, and are members of various arbitral institutions.

Our experience in this area is listed among the other Practice Areas in this Profile.

Our Dispute Resolution Team